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Interested in home schooling? You've come to the right place!

Are YOU a new parent interested in home schooling your child? It's not an easy road, that's for sure--but it can be a fantastic way to take direct control of your child's education and development. I've been doing just this for my own three children for six years now, and I've decided that it's time to share what I know with the world. I'll be covering how to brush up on the subjects you might not be so hot at yourself, how to ensure your child receives the proper socialisation and how best to make learning fun for all the family--and much, much more!


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3 Effective Ways to Receive Corporate Sponsorships for a Dog Reading Program

A past study revealed that one out of five individuals is dyslexic in Australia, a condition attributed to spelling, reading and writing difficulties. While numerous efforts are in place to counter this problem, more is required to address dyslexia in children. Today, different charities offer custom programs to help dyslexic minors overcome reading and writing difficulties. One great example is using reading therapy dogs in these programs. 

If you run a charitable organisation offering various educational programs to kids, therapy reading dogs might prove helpful. That's especially true when you have dyslexic minors attending these programs. However, one drawback of this approach is the high implementation costs. For this reason, consider soliciting corporate funding, and here are a few tips to help you out. 

Work with Homeless Dogs

Getting corporate sponsorship can be an uphill task. Corporate sponsors often set strict regulations. Due to this, your organisation must prove beyond any reasonable doubt that it meets the established requirements for funding. A great way to enhance your sponsorship chances is by working with homeless dogs in your reading program. 

Some charity organisations use professionally trained dogs in their reading programs. Ideally, these dogs are raised in a training facility offering high-quality pet care. However, working with homeless dogs can help maximise your funding chances while using some of the funds to cater for dog shelters and food. Because of this, you will be aiding dyslexic children while caring for homeless dogs. 

Stretch Beyond Reading 

While you can improve a dyslexic child's literacy skills using reading dogs, avoid focusing solely on literacy programs if you want to maximise your sponsorship opportunities. Besides enhancing the learners' reading skills, reading therapy dogs helps them become more confident, combat anxiety and develop a passion for reading. You will get access to many corporate sponsorship opportunities if you define all these in your dog reading program. 

Provide Proof of Safety

Finally, most reading dogs must undergo specialised training to help them remain calm during reading sessions. However, some dogs might behave weirdly or become violent because of various reasons. Such instances are rare, but most corporate sponsors will often prioritise the safety of learners during dog reading sessions. 

Generally, no corporate sponsor will be willing to participate in dog reading programs deemed unsafe. Therefore, you must provide proof of safety to guarantee safe learning environments. For example, hire professional dog instructors who can intervene if the unexpected happens to ensure learners are always safe. 

For more information about corporate sponsorship opportunities, contact a local company.